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Songs on the Security of Networks
a blog by Michał "rysiek" Woźniak

About me

I’m a digital human rights activist, information security professional, and a sysadmin. Quite opinionated about technology, I strongly prefer self-hosted, Free/Libre/Open-source, and decentralized solutions to centralized walled gardens – often for reasons documented on this site. I dabble in policy every now and then.

I currently work as Information Security Officer at ISNIC, the .is registry and Reykjavík Internet Exchange operator. Before joining ISNIC I served as the Chief Information Security Officer and Head of Infrastructure at OCCRP; managed a free-software focused NGO in Poland; and co-operated with a number of EU-based organizations working in the digital human rights space.

My main policy interests include information security, privacy in the digital age, Internet governance (including censorship, surveillance, Net Neutrality), copyright reform, digital media literacy. I co-authored the Net Neutrality Compendium and the Media and Information Competencies Catalogue.

My projects

Some of my projects. More can be found here.

Resilient content delivery and web censorship circumvention using technologies implemented in any modern browser.
Microcaching NginX config for WordPress (or other dynamic CMSes), tested and improved in production under heavy loads for years.
Automated, reproducible testing of network-related assumptions about infrastructure, using Ansible and BATS, generating TAP-compliant output.
An interface for viewing versions of Wikipedia’s 2022 Russian invasion in Ukraine map. Interactivity and image diff implemented in pure HTML and CSS, no JavaScript.
Scary COVID-19 Data
Yet another COVID-19 data dashboard, but without external trackers or resources.
You Are Donald Trump
Silly little satire on Donald Trump, inspired by Kris Ligman’s excellent You Are Jeff Bezos.

About this site

The Space ryś header image created by the remarkable Natalia Vish.

Website’s title inspired by the hilarious way a certain major online translation service used to mistranslate the Icelandic cybersecurity law. Translation has been fixed since, sadly.

This is a static website built using Nikola. Theme and layout hand-crafted by yours truly, initially based on the base-jinja Nikola theme.

You are allowed to take any content on this site (unless clearly specified otherwise) and use it in any way you wish under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License. In short:

Finally: this is a personal blog, my opinions are my own and do not reflect those of my employers or clients.


This site does not gather personal data other than what is strictly necessary to serve the content (that is, your IP address and time of your visit). No cookies are set, no trackers (neither third-party, nor self-hosted) are used.

Website logs are imported into a local, self-hosted Matomo instance for analysis in order to feed my own bloated ego. IP addresses are anonymized beforehand. Log data is discarded afterwards.

No data will ever be shared with any third parties.