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Kragen Thinking Out Loud

Ésta es una publicación antigua, de más de 4 años.
Como tal, puede que ya no corresponda con la opinión del autor o el estado del mundo. Se ofrece como archivo histórico.
Lo sentimos, este no está disponible en español, mostrando en: English.

I found this diamond accidentally (well, not quite; I follow Jacob Applebaum), but I just might end up observing it closely. Kragen Thinking Out Loud, or a mailing list on which Kragen Sitaker shares his thoughts with the world. Something like a blog, but without the blog, RSS, etc.

Some great starters to get the hang of it:

The last one is especially mind-tickling; it’s one of those texts one reads and gets an Instant Epiphany of some Basic Truth (in this case – that P2P cannot work effectively on an ADSL Internet connections, due to the dreaded A).

The second text I would like to wholeheartedly recommend to all the Apple and Google fans out there. No, no trolling.

Oh, and I just might add a newsletter functionality here on the brag for all of you that prefer the traditional way of getting their news.