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Layout, CSS and RSS/Atom

Ésta es una publicación antigua, de más de 4 años.
Como tal, puede que ya no corresponda con la opinión del autor o el estado del mundo. Se ofrece como archivo histórico.
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During the weekend I spent some time (almost the whole Sunday, actually) polishing the brag. The One Big Change Everybody Was Waiting For is obviously this – we now have RSS and Atom feeds! Loads of smaller or less visible ones got through, too.

For starters, now the whole layout actually behaves properly when on small screens. The min-height CSS properties are properly set and as I moved from position:fixed-based layout (which was much harder than expected), those now do their work.

We’re still bound to Firefox and Chrome/Chromium, unfortunately, but that’s the price I have to pay for the oh-so-cool horizontal layout (curtesy of CSS3 Multicol). And gradients. Let’s not forget gradients.

And speaking of gradients – have you noticed how there’s no official support for CSS3 Transition with gradients? Well, don’t move your mouse over the header area above, or you might get surprised…

Also added today: single-node layout. Yes, that really needed additional work, as the horizontal layout was not easily tamed for that. Well, it’s done.

You might also notice some CSS3 Transition effects (aside from the magical gradient transition on top) with links and images. CSS3 is fun!

Planned for inclusion sometime this year:

  • more traditional layout for more traditional browsers;
  • per-tag/per-category feeds (yup, I have tags/categories here, they’re simply not exposed yet);
  • and maybe Twitter integration (the backend’s already there);
  • comments.