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Songs on the Security of Networks
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A rude comment

This is an ancient post, published more than 4 years ago.
As such, it might not anymore reflect the views of the author or the state of the world. It is provided as historical record.

Swedish Pirates are deciding today whom they put on the #1 spot on the ballot for the coming elections. The choice is between Christian Christian Engström and Amelia Andersdotter.

I believe Amelia is a much better choice: she’s a good leader and a very effective lobbyist, having been incredibly active in copyright reform, privacy, transparency and other debates. She also has a deep and intimate understanding of issues that arise in these debates. She’s an avid public speaker, and has great connections with the backbone of the Pirate movement – hackers, hackerettes, hackerspaces all around Europe.

Rick Falkvinge decided to put his weight behind Christian – and that’s perfectly fine, of course. There are two eerie things about his support, however.

First of all, Rick based his support for Christian mainly in money:

The reason is simple: between him and the other candidate for the ballot’s top position, Christian is the only one funding my keynoting and evangelizing.

Secondly – and that’s a biggie! – Rick (a pirate!) decided to censor the comments on his blogpost, and commented:

(If you want to campaign for the other candidate, use your own damn blog. A number of rude comments deleted.)

So, hereby I am using “my own damn blog”. And for the record, here’s my “rude comment” that got censored along with other comments:

I’m with Asta on this one. I am following your site, Rick, for years, and you have inspired many people, including me, to act and to get involved in the copyright reform debate — and with solid results (to mention the anti-ACTA movement in Poland).

But this is dismal. I understand the need to finance your activities, but this is not the right reason for political decision of this weight, by no means!

In my opinion, the right person for the No 1 spot is, unsurprisingly, Amelia Andersdotter. You may believe otherwise. But the discussion should be based upon merit, not on who pays whom what.

I stand by my comment, as do the other “rude commenters”. This is no way to act for a pirate.