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Canciones sobre la seguridad de las redes
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On-line privacy and anonymity: case in point

Ésta es una publicación antigua, de más de 4 años.
Como tal, puede que ya no corresponda con la opinión del autor o el estado del mundo. Se ofrece como archivo histórico.
Lo sentimos, este no está disponible en español, mostrando en: English.

From a comment in a discussion on Diaspora:

I used a nym(*) through most of the Bush years as I live in a very conservative area and my criticism of the prez and warz was carried in some pretty prominent places. I actually feared for my life. So, I hid behind anonymity.

Surprise! Even in “the land of the free” people exercise their right to anonymity fearing ostracism and persecution for political views.

Now, does anybody have any more enlightening comments as to why we do not need on-line anonymity (as, supposedly, if you’re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to hide) and how nobody wants on-line privacy?.. I’m looking at you, Schmidt and Zuckerberg!

**) “nym” - pseudonym*