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Neo FreeRunner as a WiFi Soundcard

To jest bardzo stary wpis, opublikowany ponad 4 lata temu.
Możliwe, że nie odzwierciedla dziś poglądów Autora lub zewnetrznych faktów. Jest zachowany jako wpis historyczny.
Niestety, polskie tłumaczenie nie jest dostepne. Wyświetlono w języku: English.

For some time now I have been trying to craft a WiFi Soundcard from my Neo FreeRunner (running Debian). Still a long way to go, but after few hours of heavy fighting I finally have some success. Namely, I was able to (kind of) play a song on my lappy through PulseAudio, via UDP/RTP, to PulseAudio on the Neo and hear something (very distorted, but discernible).

So, state of the art for today is:

  • basically it should work out-of-the-box;
  • the WiFi link here seems too weak/unstable for a full 44100Hz stereo;
  • for the time being it works only after joining the multicast group manually with mcfirst;
  • sound quality is awful (due to the above problems).

But I got some sound through. Will be working on it some more in my spare time.